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January 31, 2005 at 10:11 am | Posted in Books | 2 Comments

I have been reading some awesome writing these days and thought i ll share some of these:

“The Hungry Tide” – Amithav Ghosh: This is an absolute must read. The author takes us through sunderbans and the writing is so descriptive that we are almost there with the heroes, living their every moment of joy, happiness and sorrow…..

“Catch – 22” – Joseph Heller: This is a classic and i guess some of you may have already read this. The setting is World War II and this is a hilarious read, that takes us through the life of Captain Yossarian, who wants to get out because he is the only one crazy enough to realize that total strangers are out to get him… But if he asks Doc Daneka to get out, it means he is sane enough to realise that his life is in peril… this is catch- 22. Chief White Half coat, Captain Black, Major Major Major Major, Orr, Dunbar.. each of the characters have a unique trait.. This too is a must read…

“Inscrutable Americans” – Anurag Mathur: Hilarious

“Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass house” – Lewis Carroll: Super Fantasy

Am also in possession of “The book of lost tales” – J.R.R and “Mein Kampf” – Adolf Hitler that i am yet to read. I’ll be back with these and more…..


“A book is only as good as the person who reads it” – Laks πŸ˜‰



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  1. dei locals of india .. mez got “alice” and “looking glass” too .. i so badly wanted to read it, but everytime i start off, i doze off πŸ™‚ .. and hey, before reading tolkien, make sure you are done with silmarillion .. or else it would reveal some plot lines :-D.

  2. I have read “Hobbit” and LOTR, plan to do more of J.R.R.. Will try and get hold of the “silmarillion”.. Actually the “book of lost tales” actually comprises of most of the “Tales of the middle earth”… And “Alice” is absolutely fantastic if you enjoy fantasy… I loved it… though had to overcome the sleep too :-)..

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