In media res

“In the middle things” or ” — by Horace, refers to the literary technique of beginning a narrative in them middle of, or at a late point in, the story, after much action has already taken place. Examples include the Iliad, the Odyssey, and Paradise Lost. Compare ab initio.

In memoriam

“In memory of” — i.e. to remember or honor a deceased person.

In nuce

“In a nutshell.”

In partibus infidelium

“The land of the infidels” — infidels here refers to non-Christians. After Islam conquered a big part of the Roman Empire, the corresponding bishoprics didn’t disappear, but remained as honorific titles.

In rerum natura

“In the nature of things.”

The above are few excerpts from the “list of Latin phrases” from http://en.wikipedia.org/.

Googling on “in nuce” gives about 46,700 results, most of which is on the Queen In nuce album. But this is neither about Queen nor about rock. This page is the journal that would bear the brunt of the capricious musings and ramblings of a man. This is all about his perspective of things and events happening in the world around him. His opinions, his perceptions, his judgments and “in nuce” this is the world perceived by his senses.



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  1. What in the world happened to. Nikodem Sheela.

  2. You don’t know how lucky you are bo. Harold Denholm.

  3. 🙂

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