GNIP – Making data portability suck less!

July 2, 2008 at 6:58 am | Posted in Technology and Implications | Leave a comment
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I was just reading about gnip (guh-nip) [An obvious word play on ping], and this seems to be a cool way to solve the problem of consumers (service consumers) having to poll for event updates from publishers, such as digg, plaxo etc. What these guys do is to act a web service proxy between data publishers and consumers, thus providing a standard API. gnip ‘pings’ the consumer, whenever new data is available. An on receiving a ‘ping’, the consumer can poll for the new data. This solves the problem of people continuously polling for data.

This seems to me, a rehash of the old style event driven mechanism, for large scale service oriented systems; working on multiple data formats, including REST, RSS, ATOM.

There are some really nice explanations of how gnip works here.
and some more stuff is available at

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