My favourite liar

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Kai Chang writes:

“One of my favorite professors in college was a self-confessed liar.

What made Dr. K memorable was a gimmick he employed that began with his introduction at the beginning of his first class:

“Now I know some of you have already heard of me, but for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, let me explain how I teach. Between today until the class right before finals, it is my intention to work into each of my lectures … one lie. Your job, as students, among other things, is to try and catch me in the Lie of the Day.” And thus began our ten-week course.”

where Chang goes on to explain the maybe-not-so-unique, but powerful teaching method employed by Dr K, and goes on to emphasize the importance of healthy skepticism and fact-cross-checking. This is a real must read > My Favorite Liar.


“Figures Don’t Lie but Liars Do Figure” – Unknown


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